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Brand Identity / UI Design
Abbin Natuursteen
Stone industry

Abbin is one of Belgium's market leaders in natural and composite stones for in- and outdoor use. They specialize in high end quality paired with automated ánd manual finishing for custom projects. Recently, Abbin was bought by new owners that want to set the bar even higher. With high ambitions, comes the need for a high-end image.


Strengthen position in the market and refresh Abbin's image, a brand overhaul moving away from the past was required.

Holy was hired to create a new brand DNA from top to bottom. We started with redesigning the logo, a unique and recognizable mark: the initial "A" pictured an abstract slab of stone. The logotype references the letters that ancient Romans chiseled in stone. Next, we added a luxurious color scheme with navy blue (trustworthy & elegant) combined with rose gold (earth / natural tones).

Building further on the logo design, we developed a brand book with guidelines, stationery, vehicle wrapping, clothing, souvenirs, print ad templates, social media templates and and last but not least: a new website.

Abbin can face the future with confidence and leave it's old dusty image behind.


in stone.

The journey starts with the new logo. Referencing to typefaces used by ancient Roman stonecutters.

Branding extends from logo and stationery to shirts, vehicles, social media and a lot more.

The most effective way to tell the most cohesive brand story is when a complete branding trajectory - from logo to website and way beyond - is done under one roof. Being given a carte blanche on design is where we thrive and get the best results. Results where businesses are built on.

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